I am from a series of twirling, violet crystals. Amethyst like, but much more brilliant in color. I form patterns that look like chandeliers, cities, or snowflakes that morph into circuit boards. I cannot manifest on spherical planets, I manifest in space, in thoughts, meditations, visions, and dreams.

How I Do (Teleportation and Time Travel)

I may will myself to disappear and reappear. I can teleport and travel through time, using universal laws that I have an intuitive understanding of. I can create in me the feeling that initiates the teleportation process and I can will myself anywhere in an appropriate form for the environment: solid, etheric, plasma, energetic, formless, wave, particle, mist, cloud, or beam.

Material Grens! From the Tony Ezzy Espace Labratouri!

This is the first discovery of the T.E. Espace Labratouri. What are grens? Gren is the french word for crumbs or grains, but in this sense it means any particle or bit of matter. Modern physics throw words around such as, quarks, leptons, particles, nano quarks… What the hell is a particle? I’m talking abouts grens. Grens are the foundation of all physical and aetheric matter, but they cannot over come Exist-Grens! Some may call an Exist-Gren the ‘God Particle’….

Credo of the Time Lords and Psychic Time Travelers

Credo of the Time Lords and Psychic Time Travellers

By: Tony Ezzy

“Only what I think and perceive are real. I perceive things to be unreal, because I have perceived it so. It is then real that I perceived something to be unreal. My perceptions are real until I decide that they are not. If I could perceive nothing, nothing would be real.

I am in an information field of memories. My memories go back as far as I wish, to times before I was born. My memories are other people’s memories and perceptions, because I perceive that they once existed.

I need not be afraid of thinking faster. I need not be afraid of processing information more quickly. Words are not the only way to get information out, and they are definitely not the most efficient way. Continuous flows of energy emanating from a feeling or intention mold reality.

. Words are a game with which we attempt to get our feelings in order. Later on, my intention in this moment will have been expressed. My original intention was to say that only what I think and perceive are real.

The essence of who I am is not my thought process. Time tricks me into having emotional reactions to things. The essence of who I am in a timeless emanation. Many people remember this, but who are many people unless I perceive them to exist? Time lag and latency are tricky things.

My realizations transcend time, so I already know things will be, and I realize that they are and that they once were. The anxiety that I have in not knowing the future is just as real as any potential future event, so creating an emotional state of anxiety for no reason is a waste of time.

All that I think and perceive are real, if I can perceive the future, than it can be.

The essence of who I am is a timeless emanation.”

This is the credo of the Time Lords.

The Sun Has Been Replaced!

The newness of the rays brings madness and decay! They burn us off the face, the sun has been replaced!

The Sun Has Been Replaced! by Antoun

Of course, I realize that the heat on the planet actually comes from the sun in the inner Earth!


This is a song to help you brush up on your teleportation and bi-location skills. I haven’t had any success with it yet, but that’s because they’re broadcasting malevolent interference from the moon!

Space Plane Radio Show Moment

Space Plane Radio Show Theme Versions by Antoun