I am from a series of twirling, violet crystals. Amethyst like, but much more brilliant in color. I form patterns that look like chandeliers, cities, or snowflakes that morph into circuit boards. I cannot manifest on spherical planets, I manifest in space, in thoughts, meditations, visions, and dreams.

He Said He Was Satan!

I fasted for five days because I thought I was loosing control, but after no sleeping or no eating, the things I behold! This being came to me and said he was Satan!

In some moment in “the future” I transformed everything.

A temporary world is passing away.  We need not leave anything behind.  We may not leave bones behind.  It is our power to transmute.  Matter is a bi-product of our consciousness.  We are not a bi-product of matter.  The thing called the moment is not elusive, it is ever present.  Has anyone explored what can be done once the moment is realized?

In some moment in “the future” I transformed everything.  That choice plays itself out in time until I make the choice to remember again.  Time will feel like it is accelerating as I get closer and closer to the point when I made that choice.

I made the choice to transcend time, so I am cognoscente of the fact that it already happened, and that it happens in the future on the day that I write this, and each moment is a result of that choice.

Space Plane Back After Southern Fried Lizard Hiatus

I done returneded from my journeys and I came back with a banjo on my knee! Check out the latest episode of Space Plane from Hour 2 and here’s Hour 3.

There are finer worlds, vibrating at a rate higher than this one. Naturally, they exist like octaves or sonic overtones. I travel between the tones. That is why I am Tone-y. Y not? (That’s what Leon Redbone called me.) Not Y. Not man. Not nu-man. Not human.

The profane can see me because I am a full spectral being, but they only see my human form. They can hear the resonance of higher beings that they don’t yet understand. If they could understand, they would see me as I truly am.

Teachings From Zeta Callihaxon

On conversing with beings not of the third dimension:

“If you meet these beings or see them in their own realm, no names are spoken. Seeing is hearing and hearing is seeing. It is all information based on vibration. Everything is crystal clear: their being, their intentions, their personality, and their thoughts: all are perceived in unison.

BUT: if these beings are speaking to you from behind a perceptive veil, in a world in which they cannot lower themselves into so that they can be perceived as ‘solid’ 3-D projections, or if they are trying to enter a world of your own making in which they have not yet received permission to enter, they will speak a name to your mind. The name will be a series of syllables or sonic incantations that best represent the essence of who they are. This is how I came to know “Ijoh Jilk” and “Rant Kali Poolo”.

Pronounce: 1. to utter or make sound the sounds of: to pronounce a name corectly. 2. to declare or announce formarly or with authority.

-The Holt Dictionary of American English

The Fourth Dimension Is Very Much Like a Dream World

We are at a time when we are forced to think a new. As the systems break down, the only thing we can do is get to know our souls. The eternal part of us will protect us and preserve us, like majik.

This is a much bigger world than we know. There is more life here then we could even imagine. There are beings on the earth and off the earth who can resonate with us, for reasons that we consider positive or negative, though we are always the ship’s captain, whether we are aware of this or not.

Our spirits were divided in two. Are the two one, inside of us? Is this the secret of the three? When we make a transition to the new level of human awareness, our quarantine will be lifted. It could happen yesterday. The key is awareness.

In 2003 the magnetic field was weakening (actually, it started in 1986). There was danger of a pole shift. The field continues to weaken. Do we have it in us to fly off the earth when this happens? This is the definition of transcending polarity. What difference does it make if there is not much left of the earth as we know it? If we make a transition to a new earth, it will not be our problem.  Once we understand, we are no longer really human. We will not interpret things in the same way and we will be able to see all the other forms of life that are presently with us. The E.T.s, the I.T.s, (Inner Terrestrials) etc…

So it’s more like a dream world? The fourth dimension is very much like a dream world, so is this one, but we just don’t know it. We are fooled ? The time response is slower here, so our conception of cause and effect is jumbled, possibly even backwards.

In the fifth dimension everything is instantaneous, we are creating everything that we see. If we are in fear, we will have a fearful environment, indeed. Our fears are instantly manifest and we are thrown back into the third dimensional world, where we once again believe that everything is being done TO us, not by us, and we are confused by time-lag.

At first the new world will seem very familiar to us, until we realize that all is possible and we are the masters. Masters of physics, masters of time, masters of cause and effect, masters of creation, masters of everything. Fear makes us think we can’t wrap our heads around this. Fearful people pushed their paradigm on us because they did not understand. They were powerful, influential, charismatic, fear filled animals, under the influence of parasites

Material Grens! From the Tony Ezzy Espace Labratouri!

This is the first discovery of the T.E. Espace Labratouri. What are grens? Gren is the french word for crumbs or grains, but in this sense it means any particle or bit of matter. Modern physics throw words around such as, quarks, leptons, particles, nano quarks… What the hell is a particle? I’m talking abouts grens. Grens are the foundation of all physical and aetheric matter, but they cannot over come Exist-Grens! Some may call an Exist-Gren the ‘God Particle’….

The Tony Ezzy Espace Labratouri Is Now in Operation!

For more information you may check your own head, or the cosmic aether. The Tony Ezzy Espace Labratouri is primarily concerned with expanding knowledge through the use of tapes, reverse speech, electronic voice phenomena (E.V.P.), and the projection of consciousnesses on to magnetic fields.

Space Plane Radio is Now Weekly!

Space Plane is now a weekly program on CKUT 90.3FM radio.  It no longer alternates weeks with a show called ‘B-Sides’. Will this make the show better or worse? Stay tuned and find out! Don’t forget that the first fifteen minutes or so of every show is not Space Plane, you can skip ahead 10 or 15 minutes and you’ll probably be able to tell when Space Plane starts, as Tony Ezzy is not from the Caribbean (as far as we know).

Conversations With The Lizard Man

This blog is based on telepathic communications that I had with, what could best be described as, a lizard man. Some would refer to them as reptilians (minus the fear mongering and dis-information regarding that subject). The parts in boldface are the words of the ‘lizard man’. Enjoy……………..


Am I honing my magician skills?

Quite possibly.

I can do anything and see the results manifest more quickly.

Be an open funk channel who follows his feelings. Learn how to quickly decode what your heart is telling your mind.

Does anybody really know me?

Not really. Not now. Not (visible) on the earth.

Know Thyself.

They will know, and they will be inspired to know themselves.

The path towards truth may seem difficult, but it will be less so if you follow your intuition, that is why you must know your heart. Appreciate your freedom to grow right now. At this time (and in this place), no other individual’s thoughts or moods can bring you down. The price to pay for this may seem like loneliness, but do not succumb to loneliness. You needn’t succumb to it because you are not really alone.

Think of how ignorant you were two or three years ago.

Real knowledge is in feeling.

Yes. Very good.

About myself: can I contain all the power that I believe I deserve? I am still becoming in this life. I must learn how to not be hurt too easily, and how to process pain in order to gain knowledge as quickly as possible. My sensitivities make me easily disturbed, but I can also perceive subtle beauties, which may prove to be my salvation.

I need only to find myself in situations where I have an opportunity to apply my skill, like Dr. Strange, who finds himself in mystic battles, because it is part of the process of his becoming a master magus. It is his desire to learn and grow that fuels his quest.

I am in the act of remembering. I am in the act of becoming; that is all I really need to know.

How would the revelation come? How would I experience an expansion of consciousness in the 3-D world? Is it the feeling of being in the 5th dimensional world, but within the frame work and limitations of the 3-D world?


Am I to meet my destiny here?

No. Wills are to be acted out here. The power of these wills is so great, that it will seem like destiny, but true destiny is not to be met in this realm.

It is hard to tell somebody to be something, until they already are.


Matter is becoming imbued with spirit. The third and fifth are becoming one. The fifth informs the third. Spirit informs matter.

I am on. I am quite active and alert. I need to relax at this moment. I am alone, but I am also free. All that I need will be provided. Worrying about things will not solve any problems or make anything easier. How happy do I dare to be? I could be happy right now if I wanted to.

Can I be everywhere? Or anywhere?


You are here, but you are also in the aether. You are in the hearts and minds of people who love you.

Who loves me?

Everybody whom you love.

But remember, you are also in the aether. You have created a field of love (creation), or a wave that other people can pick up on. Included in this wave is not only love, but also knowledge and understanding. It is good work. Energy does not die. It came into this realm through you, but it also exists in other realms. If it were to appear to leave this place, it would still live in other forms, in other dimensions.

What about all the other people?

They also exist in the aether, but they cannot exist as strongly if they are lacking in higher dimensional and archetypal truths. Most people on earth are full of a lot of lower vibrations, the lower vibrations do not travel as far through space or time.

Those with ears shall hear. Does it even matter?

Does it need to “matter” in order to be?

Can I sleep now?

Why do you want to sleep?

Because I don’t feel quite right. My stomach is slightly upset (nauseous). My eyes are a bit tired, my head is a little cloudy. Is this from drinking?


I should not have drank?

If you had not drank last night, you would not be up right now, writing this. You turned a negative into a positive, as you were instructed in your dreams to turn negative feelings into positive feelings.

Can I transform energy?

These things you have already done.

I am grateful. I am using language to have these thoughts, but that is only one of the many things I can do. I have never confronted who I am as much as I am now.

You are no fictitious character who has been created already, you are not a super hero from any comic book. In this life, you are no person who has already existed.

But I am part of a collective consciousness?


I am consciousness that can become whatever it wishes, but I seek to embrace what is right, what is warm, what is good.

You are love (creation/The Magician). You do not have to have all the experiences that other people have had. You don’t have to go through the suffering that other people have gone through.

I have suffered enough?

Do you have compassion?


If I ever doubt that I have compassion, that is a result of negative conditioning intent on making me feel bad about myself.

You have done nothing wrong, you have simply had experiences.

My life is not really structured.

What is the purpose of structure? Your life is actually brilliantly structured in ways you have yet to comprehend, and in ways that you are beginning to comprehend.

Remember feelings. Feelings are still thoughts. You can think in language until it no longer becomes adequate to express what you’re feeling, and what you are. These feelings are timeless, and existed long before the words that express them.

That means that I existed before the words. Feelings of joy and discovery, but also the peace of love. I am grateful. I command words, I came before them.

To make man:

Mankind is the experience of creative consciousness interacting with the world. Your feelings are important, pay attention to them. Don’t be ruined by other people. Don’t let their short comings define what you are. Don’t let their lack of imagination and their ignorance define what you are. Don’t let their inadequacies define what you are. The only option is to be.

End transmission.