I am from a series of twirling, violet crystals. Amethyst like, but much more brilliant in color. I form patterns that look like chandeliers, cities, or snowflakes that morph into circuit boards. I cannot manifest on spherical planets, I manifest in space, in thoughts, meditations, visions, and dreams.

Tony Ezzy Live In Mtl., Tuesday, Aug. 19th!!

Where it at?: BISTRO DE PARIS, 4536 Saint Denis

Cover charge? Probably 5$

Show starts about 10PM with Lap Dance Tiger and other surprise guests!

Progle Dogle!

Space Plane Radio is Now Weekly!

Space Plane is now a weekly program on CKUT 90.3FM radio.  It no longer alternates weeks with a show called ‘B-Sides’. Will this make the show better or worse? Stay tuned and find out! Don’t forget that the first fifteen minutes or so of every show is not Space Plane, you can skip ahead 10 or 15 minutes and you’ll probably be able to tell when Space Plane starts, as Tony Ezzy is not from the Caribbean (as far as we know).

First Episode of Space Plane In 2012!

Click here to hear the Jan1st, 2012 edition of Space Plane! Extra special episode with tons of original music, super under-ground Prince tracks, and the latest news from behind the veil, with Stewart Swerdlow, David Wilcock, James Gilliland, and of course, Tony Ezzy! Presented in unique Space Plane fashion! MAKE SURE TO SKIP THE FIRST TEN MINUTES OF THE SHOW, which is the show that airs before Space Plane…Peace!

The Real Dangers of the Internet and New Technology

The others (extra terrestrials and dis-carnate entities) use other realms and finer realities to effect change, and to live out a great deal of their lives. We are being fooled into thinking that this realm or field can only be accessed through technology, and that it is predominately a world of words, ideas, media, audio and video communication: it’s focus is on information.

People’s processing faculties are being bombarded by artificially created information that comes from screens and other external devices, manufactured by large corporations that employ compartmentalized wage slaves. This provides a very narrow view of reality, and if people are trapped in it, it is a guarantee that they will never grow to their psychic and multidimensional potential, forever enslaved by weak and malevolent parasitic entities.

And now, here’s a new track about the sky beasts!

Beware of the Sky Beasts! by Antoun

Many layers are there around the planet Earth, many energies are at play, but the conscious human receptacle must reflect the love of creation back to source if it if to survive. There is polarity, but negative is the result of positive, not the opposite, so destruction is doomed to destroy itself, and creation is destined to create itself. If you are concerned only with creation, and never with destruction, always will you be protected.

Beware of the Sky Beasts, Pt.II by Antoun



Not The Cosby Show Theme Song (But I Wish It Was The Theme to Cosby Mysteries)

Not The Cosby Show Theme Song (But I Wish It Was The Theme to Cosby Mysteries) by Antoun

This song is from the new CDr collection of eclectic tape recordings. You can request the cd by contacting me through the contact link. Make sure to write CDr in the subject heading. Peace!

I Got The Power Of Tapes, Again!

I Got The Power Of Tapes Again by Antoun
VHS too, buddy boy! And Reel to Reel, too, friend!

The “Tony Ezzy” Face Book Page Is Not Controlled By Tony Ezzy

It is a ‘fan page’. If people really want to contact me, the best thing to do is use the contact link on this web site. I do not receive any messages sent to “Tony Ezzy” on Face Book. I noticed that new posts on this web site show up, through some miracle of surveillance technology, on that face book page. Hopefully all of the “Tony Ezzy” friends on face-book will see this. I’m just putting it out there…
Decieved By Adonai (We Are The Innocent Ones!) by Antoun

Don’t Believe The Good News!

Don’t Believe the Good News! by Antoun

The Sun Has Been Replaced!

The newness of the rays brings madness and decay! They burn us off the face, the sun has been replaced!

The Sun Has Been Replaced! by Antoun

Of course, I realize that the heat on the planet actually comes from the sun in the inner Earth!

That’ll Do It!

Here’s a new track from the cassette tape album, “Ker-Smash!” by: Tony Ezzy
That’ll Do It! by Antoun