I am from a series of twirling, violet crystals. Amethyst like, but much more brilliant in color. I form patterns that look like chandeliers, cities, or snowflakes that morph into circuit boards. I cannot manifest on spherical planets, I manifest in space, in thoughts, meditations, visions, and dreams.

The Sun Has Been Replaced!

The newness of the rays brings madness and decay! They burn us off the face, the sun has been replaced!

The Sun Has Been Replaced! by Antoun

Of course, I realize that the heat on the planet actually comes from the sun in the inner Earth!

Classic Track: “Me and the Boys”

Me and the Boys by Antoun

Check out this classic track by Tony Ezzy from 2002, “Me and the Boys”. It features a guest appearance by Tony E.’s special needs, rapping prodigy,  Nathan Dickie!

Shoot up the boulders, coming all in you face!