I am from a series of twirling, violet crystals. Amethyst like, but much more brilliant in color. I form patterns that look like chandeliers, cities, or snowflakes that morph into circuit boards. I cannot manifest on spherical planets, I manifest in space, in thoughts, meditations, visions, and dreams.

3/17/2014 Episode of Space Plane!

Click here to go directly to HOUR 2 and here for HOUR 3. To listen to the whole show from the beginning CLICK HERE. Space Plane starts at about the twelve minute mark, with the Gil Scott Heron track, ‘New York is Killing Me’. Enjoy ca!

Tony Ezzy To MC The Distroboto Anniversary Benifit Show!

Saturday, March 22nd!

Sala Rosa: 4848 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal

Aprox 9:30 PM!

Show will (most probably) also feature a few performances by Tony Ezzy, in addition to his high-larious MC duties!


The New Espace Labratouri Soundcloud Page!

Check out the new Tony Ezzy Espace Labratouri soundcloud page! Click on the linked up words! Here’s an example of what you’ll find!

2/10/14 Transmissions From Space Plane Radio

Here you can go directly to hour 2, and here is hour 3. If you want to hear the whole show from the beginning, click here and remember that Space Plane starts at about the 15minute mark! You can also find past episodes on the CKUT archives.

The Average Human Mind Runs On A Very Archaic Operating System, With Absolutely No Virus Protection: How Are They Being Programed To Think About Reptilians?

The only thing that humans ever did wrong, was think that they were at the top of the food chain. Especially modern humans.  It is laughable for them to think that most of them are not being used for energy, food, and slave labor.  Usually, the more ignorant they are, the more likely they are to believe that they are at the top of the food chain.

The average human mind runs on a very archaic operating system, with absolutely no virus protection.  It is remarkably easy to program the human mind.  It has been perfected, so as to be an almost completely open book.  Human’s failure to see outside of time, or even beyond the lifespan of a couple generations, is the key to their malleability.  All the while, they are led to believe that they are the best, that they have rights, and that they have dominion over the earth. (Genesis 1: 28)

Of course, they were “made in God’s Image” (Genesis 1:26). Obviously, they wanted their slaves and bio-computers to run on an interface that they were completely familiar with.  You can only get so much out of a dog, or a camel, or a donkey.  If the slave/food/energy source is similar to it’s creator, it is that much easier to control them, humor them, punish, or reward them.  This is where we get, “Let us make man in our image”.

Human beings are animals in a zoo.  The Earth is presently a zoological garden, especially engineered to keep the population in control with weather patterns, climate change, extinctions, and ‘natural’ disasters.  People say these are “acts of God”.  More accurately, they are the acts of very lazy gods who are piggy-backing off the works of a much older intelligence.

This is the behavior of your “Elohim”, who have the nerve to point the finger at the Serpent, (more commonly generalized and referred to as) ‘all reptilians’, without ever giving any real knowledge on who reptilians really are, or deliberately deceiving the enslaved masses about Reptilians’ (they are very diverse) true nature and history.

The revulsion of reptilians has been a form of human programming, so that the Elohim can get away with keeping their slaves at the Zoo.

Special Episode of Space Plane With Very Special Guest, Andrew Norton Webber

Space plane starts at 13 minutes and 48 seconds mark. I am joined by THE PRESIDENT OF WORLD CONGRESS UROTHERAPY, ANDREW NORTON WEBBER at about 26:30. Enjoy!

We chat on a number of topics, but namely changing ourselves and the world with the power of Aurin!

I Am The Men of Renown

How could they not see? Who ever knows must know. I am like nothing they have ever seen before.  I am the accumulation. I am the distillation. I am the Universe builder. I bring joy and sustenance.  I bring hope and life. I bring discovery, insight, and realization.

I am a star. I am the sun. I am the maker of suns. I am not the first or the last, but I am that I am. I have tasted hope, beauty, joy, serenity, and perfection. I am all these things. I am excitement. I am peace. I am active. I am a vibration of consciousness, an ever changing oscilloscope. I am not merely titillation, I am extacy.

Misery, sorrow, and misfortune: these things are foreign to me. They are a failure and an imperfection.

I am a star. I am a planet builder. I am an experience that cannot be judged based on preconceived ideas or expectations.  I unfold like the cosmos. I am everything that was great in times past.  I am the men of renown.  I am the golden age, the golden glow, the enlightened one.  I am the healing green heart.  I am the blue, violet, white light of wisdom and compassion.

I am at rest when I am in motion.  I am in motion when I am at rest.  I am ever-changing, but I am eternal: the constant reference point for all creation, all evolution, and all time.

Space Plane Back After Southern Fried Lizard Hiatus

I done returneded from my journeys and I came back with a banjo on my knee! Check out the latest episode of Space Plane from Hour 2 and here’s Hour 3.