I am from a series of twirling, violet crystals. Amethyst like, but much more brilliant in color. I form patterns that look like chandeliers, cities, or snowflakes that morph into circuit boards. I cannot manifest on spherical planets, I manifest in space, in thoughts, meditations, visions, and dreams.

19/01/2015 Episode of Space Plane !

Metaphysical warfare, Arak, self mastery, forgotten realms, Al Jarreau, and tons of original tape music by Tony Ezzy!  Click here ! Three hours of radio transcendence.

Tony Ezzy’s Space Plane Radio, CKUT Jan. 19, 2015 by Space_Plane on Mixcloud

Some Sirius Science on my Wefunk Fill-In 11/29/14

Check it! Show starts about 2minutes in w/“Fat Albert Rotunda”, by Herbie Hancock !

Episode 2 of Tony Ezzy’s VHS Review!

New Chat Show w/Tony E. “The Cosmic Key”

Latest Episode of Space Plane, Off Da Chain!

This is the August 25th, 2014 Episode of Space Plane. Show starts at about the 11MINUTE MARK. In this episode, I reference Jay Essex and Jimmy Durante, plus the usual cassette tape space majick.

Tony Ezzy Live In Mtl., Tuesday, Aug. 19th!!

Where it at?: BISTRO DE PARIS, 4536 Saint Denis

Cover charge? Probably 5$

Show starts about 10PM with Lap Dance Tiger and other surprise guests!

Progle Dogle!

Mandate For The Tony Ezzy Espace Labratouri:

The Tony Ezzy Espace Labratouri is primarily concerned with expanding knowledge through the use of tapes, reverse speech, electronic voice phenomena (E.V.P.), and the projection of consciousnesses on to magnetic fields.

Focusing on aetheric phenomena as recorded on magnetic tape, and human thought as expressed through music, alternative speech patterns and creative applications of social conventions and processes.

An uncompromising glimpse into an individual’s perception of reality, without pandering to a consensus reality.

An intuitive assertion of the truth, devoid of the rigours of academic convention and bureaucracy.

The Tony Ezzy Espace Labratouri asserts that approval and authority is granted through a clear understanding of another being’s integrity and intention, and an understanding that people can perceive the truth intuitively, even if they do not know where the person espousing his or her perceptions is “coming from”. Understanding is clear and not based on titles or degrees presented by dead, vacuous institutions. Upholders of a weak, deceptive, and limiting paradigm will be seen for what they are.

The Tony Ezzy Espace Labratouri is a pan-dimensional organization, and it’s contributors are not limited to the realm of the living. Spirit entities, the recently deceased, and people from other dimensions (some having no physical form) are amongst its contributors. Also included are planetary consciousnesses, over-souls, collective consciousnesses, and (so called) extra terrestrials.

This is the mandate for the TONY EZZY ESPACE LABRATOURI

Up Coming Shows in May!!!!

Saturday, MAY 10.

Bistro De Paris: 4536 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal

Aprox. 10:00PM


Friday, MAY 16th, Divan Orange 4234 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal

Part of The One Man Band Festival!

9:15PM, Doors at 8:00PM


Sunday, MAY 25th, Divan Orange 4234 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal

Aprox 9:45PM

3/17/2014 Episode of Space Plane!

Click here to go directly to HOUR 2 and here for HOUR 3. To listen to the whole show from the beginning CLICK HERE. Space Plane starts at about the twelve minute mark, with the Gil Scott Heron track, ‘New York is Killing Me’. Enjoy ca!