I am from a series of twirling, violet crystals. Amethyst like, but much more brilliant in color. I form patterns that look like chandeliers, cities, or snowflakes that morph into circuit boards. I cannot manifest on spherical planets, I manifest in space, in thoughts, meditations, visions, and dreams.

He Said He Was Satan!

I fasted for five days because I thought I was loosing control, but after no sleeping or no eating, the things I behold! This being came to me and said he was Satan!

Sleep With Your Bible!

The New Espace Labratouri Soundcloud Page!

Check out the new Tony Ezzy Espace Labratouri soundcloud page! Click on the linked up words! Here’s an example of what you’ll find!

My music is not dominating or seductive, it is spiritual and energetic. That is why it cannot be denied.

Evil needs your fear.

Good needs evil to be self aware,

But where I’m from, we don’t need none of dem tings, there.

Teachings From Zeta Callihaxon

On conversing with beings not of the third dimension:

“If you meet these beings or see them in their own realm, no names are spoken. Seeing is hearing and hearing is seeing. It is all information based on vibration. Everything is crystal clear: their being, their intentions, their personality, and their thoughts: all are perceived in unison.

BUT: if these beings are speaking to you from behind a perceptive veil, in a world in which they cannot lower themselves into so that they can be perceived as ‘solid’ 3-D projections, or if they are trying to enter a world of your own making in which they have not yet received permission to enter, they will speak a name to your mind. The name will be a series of syllables or sonic incantations that best represent the essence of who they are. This is how I came to know “Ijoh Jilk” and “Rant Kali Poolo”.

Pronounce: 1. to utter or make sound the sounds of: to pronounce a name corectly. 2. to declare or announce formarly or with authority.

-The Holt Dictionary of American English

My Encounter With A Being Who Looked Like an Intelligent Catfish Humanoid

An amphibious looking, highly strange E.T. entered my mind and created a sort of explosion in the center of my brain. He proceeded to guide me around certain scenarios and forced me to sing opera. The time period seemed to be around the turn of the century, with society types around. I demanded that he showed me what he was doing, and he showed me an image of my neural pathways firing off, with what seemed to be long wooden sticks. I didn’t fully understand. Was it Ram Kali Poolo? I don’t know, because no names were spoken.

After my neural re-patterning by the “Catfish Dude”, I proceeded to record some of the best bass clarinet playing ever committed to tape! Judge for yourself. This whole Catfish epic is an account of an actual experience that I had. After the Catfish being showed me what he looked like, I knew I could find an approximation of it by just doing an image search on Google. I should note that the pictures I use of the Catfish being in these videos are a bit meaner looking than the one who contacted me. He had much more intelligent eyes than the ones you see in the pictures used here, he also had a more whimsical countenance.

This video is in three parts, please try to listen to the whole playlist for the full experience.