I am from a series of twirling, violet crystals. Amethyst like, but much more brilliant in color. I form patterns that look like chandeliers, cities, or snowflakes that morph into circuit boards. I cannot manifest on spherical planets, I manifest in space, in thoughts, meditations, visions, and dreams.

Breakaway Civilizations Inside the Earth

How do I know I am not being tricked? I broke my mind enough times to know when it’s fixed. Lift yourself up to the higher vibrations, so that you will not be in consort with lower vibrations. It is given to you to understand. It is not given to you to carry. Your vibrational field is your own responsibility. Do not tarry. It’s time to wise up and rise up. The truth of the kingdom is here now, but you must be able to lift yourself up to it, this is how your world is re-created. We are all radios and we’re always in broadcast.

Ancient Builder Race

He Said He Was Satan!

I fasted for five days because I thought I was loosing control, but after no sleeping or no eating, the things I behold! This being came to me and said he was Satan!

Sleep With Your Bible!

The New Espace Labratouri Soundcloud Page!

Check out the new Tony Ezzy Espace Labratouri soundcloud page! Click on the linked up words! Here’s an example of what you’ll find!

My music is not dominating or seductive, it is spiritual and energetic. That is why it cannot be denied.

Evil needs your fear.

Good needs evil to be self aware,

But where I’m from, we don’t need none of dem tings, there.